The Fifth Disciple (2004) PC Sigillato Nuovo Originale Visualizza ingrandito

The Fifth Disciple (2004) PC Sigillato Nuovo Originale



The Fifth Disciple (2004) PC Sigillato Nuovo Originale

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EAN: 8032853240052

The Fifth Disciple is a fine synthesis of two popular computer game styles: point-and-click adventure and fantasy RPG. The game combines the two styles in a way very similar to table games where players are heroes who complete logic and story tasks as well as fight in battles with enemies. The game alternates between solving problems through objects and communication with other characters, and move-by-move battling. The player takes on the character of Engeor, and for every task solved and enemy defeated, he is given additional experience, which can be used to improve one of 25 available spells. Those can be applied in the course of the game during combat as well as in the adventure parts.

ATTENZIONE: Essendo un prodotto per PC datato, non possiamo garantire la compatibilità con tutti i sistemi, sopratutto recenti, quindi il prodotto viene venduto con formula: visto e piaciuto.